Shoot 360 Denver FAQs

Shoot 360 is the most advanced basketball skills programming and training center in the world, We combine the science of sport technology with knowledgeable basketball coaches into every program we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shoot 360?
What does Shoot 360 do? How does it work?
How is Shoot 360 different from other basketball training facilities and programs? 
How much does Shoot 360 cost? What plans does Shoot 360 Denver Offer?
What does a membership include?
Can we schedule more than 30 minutes?
Will a coach be with my child the whole time?
Can I Bring a Friend?
Can I use my membership at any Shoot 360 location?
What is the purpose of this initiation fee?
Can we bring our own coach/ trainer?
What will your coaches work on with my child?
How do I cancel or freeze my Shoot 360 account?
How does suspending my account work?

Shoot 360 is Bringing in a New Era of Basketball Training