• 13 Season on NBA coaching and Scouting Staff – Trailblazers, Clippers, Pistons & Warriors
  • 5 Years NCAA Division 1 Assistant Coach. Tulane University and University of Denver
  • 19 Years skill development coach and Trainer


Shoot 360 Denver General Manager, Raman Sposato, is a big proponent of building success through confidence. This is one of the many reasons he's been so effective in helping athletes exceed to new heights throughout his coaching career and Shoot 360 work in the Denver area. Whether its an athlete he's coaching, or a staff member on his team, Raman offers a compassionate approach to helping others become better versions of themselves both on and off the court. His experience has shown him that the self esteem and the mental aspects of life and basketball are vital to accomplishing new challenges along the way.

Raman believes that, "Confidence directly improves performance at every level, whether it’s weekend tournaments at the youth level or professional players lacing it up in the NBA or WNBA." He believes the best way to improve confidence is to put the work in and push yourself to trust your skills under pressure in a fast-paced environments. Raman loves to focus on the process rather than the result. The ability to create great habits while training for Basketball, will translate to developing great habits off the court in everyday life as well. He has a passion for helping players push themselves through adversity as they continue to develop. If you're one of these athletes, get ready to lace up and meet us at the gym!